Editors’ note: 

Our work or vocation is very much a part of the Gospel story. In this series, The Gospel Coalition India invites working professionals and entrepreneurs to reflect on their work through the five chapters of the Gospel narrative—creation, fall, redemption, renewal and new creation.

Mijito Vinito reflects on how the gospel helps him reconcile a pursuit of excellence and awareness of brokenness.

Vocation: Tell us about your work

I work with the Indian government and serve at the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations in New York. I handle issues related to the UN Security Council, specifically overseeing political issues in Africa, and these issues are discussed regularly in the UN Security Council.

My role is to represent my country’s viewpoints and concerns while discussing the peace and security situation in Africa. I am also the head of the office and oversee the day-to-day running of the Mission.

Creation: How Does Your Work Connect with God’s Original Creation Plan for Humanity?

I strongly believe that I am serving my country in New York, only because God placed me here. I still see myself as just a boy from a corner of the northeast of India. For many of us, we can only dream of reaching Delhi. So to live and work in New York is beyond a dream.

One question I keep asking myself is that if God has called me to this role, how can I be a blessing to those around me?

Very early on, one of my bosses made it clear that my job abroad is not to sit behind a desk but to be out in the field. This has stayed with me. My work as a diplomat revolves around interacting with others and understanding their world views, and reflecting them accurately in my work.

One question I keep asking myself is that if God has called me to this role, how can I be a blessing to those around me? This is what I keep thinking about often. What is God doing around me and through me?

This can be daunting sometimes. But one elder recently reminded me to see every effort as one drop in the ocean. My hope is that God would use each drop to bring some change and make a deeper impact.

I believe that God created humanity to worship him and for his pleasure. When I work I try and see things through the lens of what would ultimately glorify God.

Fall: How is Your Work Making You Aware of Your Own Brokenness and the Brokenness of the World Around You?

On a personal level, long working hours affect my temperament and time with my family. This frustration sometimes translates into anger and outbursts. I end up wanting a quick fix to issues without deeper contemplation and understanding them well enough.

I’ve also had the privilege to visit two African countries recently. The disparity became so apparent to me. Africa is blessed with rich natural resources, but there are challenges on managing these resources and on how these resources can translate into real development. Policies and decisions are often made far away from ground realities.

When I first joined the service I was idealistic in the way I approached my goals. I thought I could change the world and I was zealous to mend the broken world.

But over time, the brokenness around me only led me to frustration and despair. I saw the transactional nature of humans and my own limitations. Now, I feel the need to really get down on my knees and pray.

Redemption: Could You Share a Recent Example of How the Gospel Made You a Better Worker?

I don’t recall exactly where I heard this, but someone once shared a story about the pursuit of excellence in their craft as a way to worship God. They said, “Whatever I make, I make for the glory of God.”

Serving others needs a heart of care and compassion, and I think of this often as I examine my relationships inside and outside the workplace.

There are ample examples of Christians who made a mark in history with this philosophy. This idea of the pursuit of excellence for the glory of God is something that has stayed with me for the last decade or so.

I lead a team of around forty-odd staff members. I need to ensure that I bring my best self every day so that when they see me, they are encouraged and motivated to excel without compromise.

Even when I falter, I am conscious about leading my team to also pursue excellence and not turn in any shoddy work. My faith in God encourages me to be a faithful worker.

Renewal: How Are You Able to Love and Serve Others In and Through Your Work?

The problem with pursuing excellence is that it makes me a hard taskmaster. I can easily get frustrated when I see anyone do a half-hearted job.

So I remind myself that I am a work-in-progress too. I remember my own failings and through that try to be a better team member.

In my role, I want to ensure that my team is cared for and that they are contributing members of the team, not merely onlookers. I try to listen to my team and consider all suggestions.

I think, in general, compassion is a quality that leaders must embrace. Genuine compassion is a natural outflow, easily identifiable, and changes the dynamic in any relationship.

Serving others needs a heart of care and compassion, and I think of this often as I examine my relationships inside and outside the workplace.

New Creation: How Do You Connect Your Work Here and Now to Our Longing for the Perfect World That Christ Will Bring When He Comes Again?

Worldview is everything—who I believe in and why I am here. I believe that Jesus is redeeming our world. He will one day restore it to its original creation beauty. This informs my approach and everything I do.

I am just a steward, and I am merely passing through. Only God is sovereign and everlasting. Remembering this keeps me grounded, unties the chains of this world, and gives me immense peace.

This peace that passes all understanding is something that is hard to define but it is precious and cannot be traded for anything.