Revisiting India’s Fascination with the American Dream

I found the good life but it was not in the American dream. When I was two years old, my parents left the land they loved so that my sister and I could have opportunities they did not have. We reaped the rewards of their courage and never knew the ache of hunger they felt as children. For that alone, I am deeply grateful for their decision and would not have wished for anything different. But as a pastor in New York City I find myself cautioning people against the promises that brought my parents here. Today Indian Americans are...

revisiting India's fascination with the American Dream

How to Serve Your Children When They See Suffering With Their Own Eyes

Recently on a family holiday as we were driving through the busy streets of Jaipur, my six year old daughter suddenly burst into tears. Completely taken by surprise, my husband and I asked her what happened. She replied, “I feel terrible for the people on the street, they have no place to live in, not enough food to eat and the children have no toys to play with.”  At first my heart thought, “What a sweet, compassionate child.” But then my mind began to race. How do I begin to explain the poverty in our country and the brokenness of...

how to shepherd your children when they see suffering with their own eyes

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